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Nantucket real estate sales in April continue a pace. Except for sales below$1,000,000, all segments of the market are ahead of this time in 2011. The Nantucket real estate market above $4,000,000, which lagged in 2011, is nicely ahead of last year with total sales up nearly 100% over last year. Below is a snapshot of the market as of April 30, 2012.

April, 212 year to date nantucket real estate sales

As for current Nantucket real estate inventory, sales and pricing activity in 2012 is comparing very favorably with the past two years. Overall, inventory is running below the previous two years, sales are well ahead and price reductions have declined significantly. As we move toward the summer selling season, Nantucket real estate sales activity has been robust. Baring any major economic calamities, we are poised for an excellent selling season.

nantucket market report for April