Hosting the Perfect Daffodil Picnic from Home

One of the signature Daffodil Events is the picnic in Sconset after the antique car parade. Everyone sets up their bright and colorful spreads while people mosy up and down Main Street with a cocktail in hand. While this year we won’t be on Main Street in Sconset, we will still be putting together a Daffodil themed picnic and maybe a Daffytini or two.

We partnered with some local restaurants to recreate the perfect daffodil picnic from the comfort of your own home.

Lemon Press – Spring Pea Dip with Crostinis

The Beet – Avocado Toast

Proprietors – Michael’s Carrot Hummus Recipe

Nantucket Culinary Center – Sarah Leah Chase’s Classic Risotto alla Milanese

The Brotherhood of Thieves – The Daffytini

Laura Belair’s Daffodil Cupcake Recipe