4 Piccadilly Road, Cliff, Nantucket, MA

Single family · Sold ·

 4 Piccadilly Road, Cliff | BA:  4.1 | BR: 5 | $2695000 (1)

This wonderful property is located on a small sandy Lane off N Liberty Street in the Cliff area.  The property includes a house and guest cottage, both built in 2003 with all the modern amenities.  Overlooking town park land to the east, this property provides a tranquil setting and lovely views.  The home has a strong rental history.

Lower Level Full unfinished with bulkhead exterior access and interior stair access.

Selling Date:  10/20/2015

Listing Price: $2,695,000

Selling Price:  $2,600,000

% To Listing Price: 96.47%

Days on Market:  338


4 Piccadilly Road, Cliff, Nantucket, MA

Firm name: Great Point Properties

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