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Accentuated by professionalism and integrity, our team of Nantucket real estate agents and brokers is here to help you find the perfect Nantucket home.  Our knowledgeable team has local roots and can guide you with experience and an understanding of island life.  Whether you are looking for a Nantucket vacation rental or interested in purchasing on Nantucket, Great Point Properties strives to deliver service with friendliness, expertise and a sense of pride in the island of Nantucket

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NOVEMBER 2014     
Posted: November 11, 2014 by Bill Liddle

As we rapidly approach the closing of another year with Nantucket real estate sales, the topic of conversation among the industry community is whether we will hit the billion-dollar waterline that we have not seen since 2005. A quick glace at LINK, Nantucket’s multiple listing service, suggests that it’s too close to call. As of November 7th there have been 457 transactions totaling $839,643,358. The average sales transaction was $1,837,194. There are an additional 72 pending sales (many will close in 2015) representing $171,039,888. The average pending transaction is $2,375,534. Regardless of whether we hit the seminal $1 Billion mark, 2014 will be regarded as a good year for real estate. Read More »

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