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Eel Point and Dionis are west of the Cliff and run to the northwest corner of the island. The areas are more secluded and rural, offering privacy with easy access to calm water on North Shore beaches. They are popular fishing destinations due to the presence of bait fish here such as the “bunker,” which attracts larger predators like bluefish.

Eel Point Beaches

Dionis Beach is a family-friendly life-guarded beach, with beautiful shell-lined paths and white sand. Dionis boasts clear blue water and a sandbar, making it a popular spot for families. Dionis Beach has great views of ferries and sailboats coming and going from Nantucket Harbor and is the perfect spot for water activities such as paddleboarding and kayaking. Dionis is great for shell and sea glass collectors, and during the winter it is a good place for a secluded walk on the beach.

Eel Point Beach offers spectacular views of Nantucket Sound and Madaket Harbor toward Tuckernuck. The 100-acre west-end property is one of the island's most picturesque and interesting areas due to its shoreline ecosystem, one of the best locations on the island for seeing shorebirds and other marine life (Common Eiders, Scaup, Long-tailed Ducks, and Mergansers). It is owned by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, one of its earliest acquisitions, and remains one of its most picturesque and interesting areas.

Eel Point is bordered by Nantucket Sound to the north and Madaket Harbor to the south and is accessed via 40th Pole. Away from the hustle of Town, the closest neighbor is Madaket to the west. There is also a large saltwater lagoon located on Eel Point nicknamed “the Bathtub” for its warm water in the summer. Eel Point is a fan favorite because you can conveniently pack everything you need for your beach day in the car, air down your tires, and drive right on. Learn more about deflating your tires and car restrictions here.

Eel Point Attractions

While Eel Point is best known for its proximity to the North Shore, it is also a destination to walk and explore a piece of Nantucket's protected open space. The Linda Loring Nature Foundation is a scenic 275-acre preserve for conservation, education, and research stretching between Eel Point Road and Madaket Road, touching the north head of Long Pond. This space offers a gently sloping trail across a broad ecosystem with incredible wildlife and views. The Linda Loring Foundation offers a self-guided trail brochure describing the ecosystem and the walk, highlighting points of interest. This property is open to the public year-round, accessed by 110 Eel Point Road, but make sure to leave your pup at home as wildlife preserve rules prevent pets, motorized vehicles, and bicycles.

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