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Selling Your Nantucket Home


Selling is a big decision, in many cases one of the largest financial decisions one will make, and deciding which Nantucket real estate firm to list your property for sale with is the first important step. At Great Point Properties, we understand the complexity of this process. Our long-standing experience in the real estate business will bring clarity to the process that leads to your decision to sell. We will offer our skills and experience in all facets of the real estate business to develop a partnership between broker and owner, thus creating the best environment for selling property on Nantucket.


There is never a simple answer to this question. Many factors go into the equation that creates an accurate estimation of market value for your property and the appropriate asking price. Great Point Properties will provide, as a courtesy, an Opinion of Value for your property. If you are interested in obtaining one, you can either email or call the office and speak with one of our Great Point Properties agents.


Once you have decided to list your property with Great Point Properties, we will draft a listing agreement detailing price, terms and obligations between you and Great Point Properties.


Great Point Properties offers both Buyer’s Agency and Seller’s Agency. When you list your home with Great Point Properties, we will act as the Seller’s Agent representing your property and interests. There are occasions when we may represent both buyer and seller; this is referred to as Dual Agency. In this situation, it is our obligation to provide all the information that we can to both parties so that they may make an informed decision. We will not be able to provide guidance on any negotiations, but we are able to provide a buyer or seller with the information that they may need to proceed from a position of knowledge of the Nantucket real estate market. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, all real estate agents are required to disclose to Sellers and Buyers their agency affiliation through the Massachusetts’ Agency Disclosure forms.


Great Point Properties is committed to promoting your property to the largest number of buyers possible. Most Nantucket buyers are associated with the island already, and many are on island during the year, either as seasonal visitors or current homeowners. We present our marketing to capture the greatest amount of attention possible from prospective Nantucket real estate buyers. Each marketing campaign is individually tailored, but following is an overview of what we have used to advance the Great Point Properties brand and market properties.