Get Your Home Rental Ready for 2023!

Get Your Home Rental Ready for 2023!


Great Point Properties: Homeowner Rental Ready Checklist

Make your (and our) 2023 rental season a breeze! We've asked our agents to compile a list of the top to-dos ahead of tenant arrival. Bonus points if you make it to the end of this list- we know it's long! If you have any questions, please call our office at 508.228.2266.


  • Keep your caretaker and housekeeper in the loop for any summer rental bookings.

  • Add that friendly reminder to your spring calendar to reinstate trash, landscaping, irrigation, pest control, pool opening, etc.

  • Is your house guide up to date? Add any new and relevant information for your home to keep things current for 2023.

    • This guide should have information on your caretaker, cleaner, and other service providers (appliance repair services, plumber, electrician, etc.), lawn, and trash service, with days of pick-up. Place it somewhere easy to find.


  • We can't always trust GPS! Keep your correct house number prominently displayed on the exterior in case of an accident or fire to protect your home (and the tenant too).

  • If you have changed the locks, make sure GPP has three sets of the new key, tested (and please update us with the new passcodes for key entry/alarm).

  • Recheck any hiding spots for a spare key. Under a shingle and in the outdoor shower are not secret spots!


  • Are all appliances working correctly? Great! Just thought we'd ask... Getting a refrigerator fixed in August is the equivalent of walking on water.

  • OH! And have your dryer vents cleaned.


  • Consider expanding beyond just basic cable.. we love HBO, ESPN, and Netflix too.

  • Share the WiFi! We suggest posting the WiFi Network and Password in a few easy-to-spot places for your tenants. It is not an exaggeration that this is the first thing tenants look for.

  • Keep us posted on your WiFi too! Please let our rental manager, Samantha Pebley, know if your network name or password has changed. She can be reached at 508.228.2266 or via email at [email protected]


  • What we like to keep on hand:

    • Light bulbs

    • Batteries

    • Sponges and/or cleaning cloths

    • Extra clear shower curtain liner, if applicable

    • A working vacuum with spare bags

    • Recycling bags/bins for the interior and exterior of the home (please label all bins)

  • Don't forget the toilet paper! And paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, and hand soap are all great to have for your rentals.

  • Nantucket has a mandatory recycling policy. Keep those 13-gallon clear trash bags handy with the Recycling Rules posted close by.


  • It has been a long winter! Give your home some TLC with a thorough spring cleaning and schedule your cleaners ahead of your fist tenant's arrival.

  • Clean windows, remove storm doors and windows and install screens. Please make sure all are in good working order.

  • Check to be sure all upholstery and carpets are clean.

  • Some high-use items might need replacement such as oven mitts, pots, pans, dish towels, doormats, etc.

  • Check linens, mattresses, mattress covers, pillow, pillow covers, slipcovers, towels, etc. Some of these might need to be refreshed throughout the season. We suggest having a few sets of linens per bed and bathroom as well as extra beach towels.

  • Personal items should be cleared and put away; check your medicine cabinet, cupboards, and bedroom and bathroom drawers.

  • Any extra special personal belongings? Make sure those irreplaceable items of value are safely stored and locked away.


  • Line up your landscaper

  • Keep the outside of your home looking just as nice as the inside! Have your flower boxes planted and flower beds weeded.


  • Arrange outdoor furniture. We always consider it a good idea to have the furniture washed and ready to go for the upcoming season.

  • Don't forget your outdoor shower! In addition to turning on the water, that soap from last summer should probably go too.

  • Is your beach gear up to snuff? Take a look at those chairs, coolers, and other beach equipment to make sure all are in good condition.

  • Fire up the grill! We suggest a good cleaning from the last use as well as providing extra charcoal or gas depending on what fuel your grill requires.


  • Ensure that the detectors are properly installed and in working order.

  • Keep the beeping to a minimum! Replace those batteries and avoid that middle of the night chirp, chirp, chirp...


  • Arrange for bi-weekly pickup and clearly post-pick-up days in the house. One of these pickup days should be on a turnover day, if possible.

  • Provide at least two garbage bins and two recycling bins, and clearly label each bin.