A Dramatic Before & After for a Beautiful Beachside Property

A Dramatic Before & After for a Beautiful Beachside Property


Between the grey-shingled exteriors, custom-built coastal decor, and the fact that the ocean is never more than a few miles away, it's no secret that Nantucket is home to some of the most beautiful properties in the world.

So when a longtime friend of Great Point Properties, Nina Liddle of Nina Liddle Design, was approached by clients to refresh and update their newest purchase, her team got to work with a tight deadline for the following summer.

The property, a custom home on Hulbert Avenue in Brant Point, just happens to be in our vacation rental inventory, so we couldn't wait to capture the transformative before's-and-after's that Nina's interior design would accomplish.

“While the original design and ‘before’ was beautifully done, it was just not what our clients were looking for. They were hoping for a lighter, brighter, and more comfortable transitional aesthetic for their young family," noted Liddle.

Wallpaper was an additional layer in the den as well as a handful of bedrooms.

The selection can drastically change the look of any space, as shown below.

“Some tips and tricks that I can lend for transforming a space would be to nail down what your end goal is for the space. Uncomplicated before and after updates can be done that don’t require a high investment - fresh new paint and wallcoverings can completely reshape the look of a room,” said Liddle.

“If you have floors that are in great condition, just not your ideal finish, you have options. Here, we worked on stripping the orange out and letting the natural grain of the wood show through,” noted Liddle.

“We credit the client's willingness to make big changes and their total trust in me as their designer. Also a big thanks to Patrick Hehir’s team for jumping in and helping us with every aspect to pull off this complete transformation,” said Liddle.

The four-bedroom, five-bathroom home is constructed to the highest level of quality, exhibiting detailed craftsmanship throughout with a fantastic livable floor plan. Features include a relaxing front porch, first and second-floor decks all with harbor views, and a rear patio with private gardens. The home sits up high above the street.

The best part? You can now rent this beautiful home in Brant Point, available for one week in August. Click here to learn more.

Custom Millwork by Carter Mitchell, home construction by The Hehir Group, and redecorated in 2022 by Nina Liddle Design.