Biking Nantucket

Biking Nantucket


One of Nantucket’s hidden treasures is the wide selection of trails across the island that are perfect for mountain biking. When it comes to biking here, many think of simply following one of the many bike paths that lead right to the beach or into town - yet what they miss are the open paths behind the trees. The same Nantucket Conservation Foundation areas we recommend for walking are equally enjoyable on a mountain bike and allow you to discover even more of the island's natural beauty.

We've outlined some of our favorite NCF trails we hope you will adventure out to! 2023 marks the NCF 60th anniversary of maintaining the beauty of Nantucket's natural environments through land ownership, protection, and stewardship of over 9,000 acres (and counting!). The foundation has made an immense impact on the community through its vigilant efforts to conserve the rare land, wildlife, and resources we are lucky enough to find here. Thanks to the hard work of the Foundation through donors, scientific research, and community outreach, these areas welcome the public to be enjoyed and used for further education and passive recreation. For more information on the NCF and to view interactive maps of the areas listed below, visit the Nantucket Conservation Foundation website here.

Middle Moors

The Middle Moors is unique as it offers the largest area of untouched land on the island. There are over 3,200 protected acres for you to explore on your bike. Each trail you come across will be different in its own way, leading you through a vast expanse of vegetation. Power up Altar Rock for a scenic view!

Middle Moors | Mid-Island
Wooded terrain

The southern end of the Moors is referred to as the 'Serengeti' for its low-laying vegetation with occasional trees. When driving along Milestone Road you will notice the cutouts of zebras and lions paint the picture of a safari! Northeast of the Serengeti you will find yourself biking around the Nantucket Cranberry Bog - the heart of the island's cranberry industry for over 150 years.

Serengeti | Mid-Island
Wooded terrain

Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Madaket through the quietly set woods with Hummock Pond on one side and the Ocean in the distance. Start in Sanford Farm and stumble upon the historic barn that sits up on a hill, and then continue through Ram Pasture and The Woods to be met by the Southshore.

Sanford Farm | West of Town

Norwood Farm

Farther down Polpis Road, just North of Altar Rock are the trails of Norwood Farm. As you bike, you will discover your trail takes you through a wide variety of habits from densely forested uplands and shrublands to wetlands, bogs, and open grasslands. This is a great biking destination for someone looking for a little bit of everything!

Madequecham Valley & Tom Nevers The sandy dirt roads of Maddquecham and Tom Nevers make for a fun workout on a bike! You will be surrounded by the green shrublands as you follow the coast of the Southshore just over the dunes.

Bike shops:

If you're unable to bring your own bike equipment, check out any of Nantucket's amazing and resourceful bike shops. Have your bike conveniently dropped to your door ready to go!

  • Young's

  • Cook’s Cycles

  • Nantucket Bike Shop

  • Island Bike Company

All of the trails offer a range of intensity for all levels of bike riding experience. If you are here in October, keep an eye out for the NCF Batacular Bike Race. GPP Principal Greg McKechnie participated in the first mountain bike race last year and looks forward to doing it again this year!