Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer


At Great Point Properties we understand that your four-legged friends are part of the family! We are dog lovers, and luckily for your pups most of the island is too. As you explore Nantucket you’ll find there are spots both you and your dogs can equally enjoy together.

If your dog is joining you this summer, we have put together a special doggie bag for them so they feel a warm welcome! Inside they will find treats, doggie bags, and of course their very own GPP tennis ball to keep them busy!

We hope your pups enjoy Nantucket just as much as you do.


Discover the many beautiful Land Bank and Nantucket Conservation Foundation trails with your four-legged friends when they need to get out of the house. Our agents have come up with some of their pups favorite walks:

  • Land Bank Dog Park - Nantucket’s newest addition for our furry friends offers two enclosed areas for both large and small dogs under the pine trees. Conveniently located in mid-island you’ll also find there is a trail that runs around the fenced off areas for those pups who would prefer to walk.

  • Tupancy Links - This shorter loop in the Cliff area is perfect if your dogs love to socialize and have a runaround chasing the ball (don’t forget to pack their GPP balll) and be sure to not miss the ocean lookout!

  • Sanford Farm - Head out towards Madaket to one of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s most popular walks. Your dog will love the trails and you will love the views as you walk through the pines towards the ocean.

  • Gardner Farm - Located next to Hummock Pond, your dogs will love the woods and the water. You will come across the scenic bridge walk and when you’re done walking the beach is just down the road.

  • Middle Moors - If your dog prefers a quieter scene, Middle Moors is Nantucket’s largest expanse of untouched and protected land. You will forget where you are as you walk through any of the 3 major Middle Moors areas: Altar Rock (the highest point of the Moors), the Serengeti (located closest to Milestone Road) and the Pouts Ponds (on the western side of the Moors farther down Polpis Road).

Walking Tip: After every walk be mindful of checking for ticks on both yourself and your dog.


You and your pups are in luck! Dogs are welcome to join in on the beach days, both the North and South shore, as long as they are on their leash. During the summer when the beaches are the busiest, dogs are only permitted within lifeguarded areas before 9am and after 5pm.

Don’t forget plenty of water, a dog bowl, and baggies so your pup is ready to take on the day at the beach!

Dog-friendly hangouts:

The fun keeps on going for both you and your pups. The Cisco Brewery and Triple Eight Distillery is the best place to sip a cold beer, have some food from the food trucks, and hangout with your dog amongst the lively atmosphere.

The Sandbar at Jetties Beach also offers a great outdoor bar and restaurant situated right on the beach so the kids and dogs can still play.


Nantucket Creature Care is run by one of GPP’s own agents, Leone Collins! For 3 years Leone did house call grooming before opening up her own space where she is currently going into her 4th year. With over 30 years of her animal experience, your dog will be treated with the utmost care and compassion. Everyone, including the pups, should be pampered on vacation! To book an appointment and learn more, check out the website here.


When it comes to shopping for your four-legged friends, Nantucket has you covered! Pawsitivity offers high end dog collars, leashes, harnesses and sweaters. Your pup will be best dressed in their new Nantucket accessories.

Geronimo’s is is located next to the mid-island Stop & Shop and is your one stop shop for any of your dog needs from food and treats to accessories and toys.

Dog walking service:

If you know you will be out all day and the pup needs some exercise and an adventure pACKtive will come collect your dog, bring them on a group walk, and drop them back off at home. Learn more about joining the pACK here.

Nantucket Island Safe Harbor Animal Hospital (NISHA):

If your dog runs into any trouble while on island, here are a couple of important numbers to have for an Emergency Veterinarian:

Offshore Animal Hospital: (508) 228-1491

After Hours: (508) 241-5014

For more important information or to learn more about NISHA click here.

Wishing a very pawesome vacation to your four-legged family members!