Getting out on the water

Getting out on the water


Experiencing Nantucket on the water is a must-do to truly embrace the summer lifestyle of this little island. It’s all about getting out on the water here - whether it’s heading miles off the coast for a fishing trip, paddling through the harbor on a SUP, or catching some waves at Cisco. No board or boat? No problem. Explore the options we’ve listed for you below so you don’t miss out.

By Boat

The harbor is a sweet escape from the busy beaches! Take a fishing charter with your family, enjoy a sunset sail, or cruise around on a luxurious charter. Get out on a boat that matches your speed.

By Surfboard

Head out to Cisco or Nobadeer beach for a surfing lesson! Make the most of a full beach day by getting comfortable up on a board. When you’re feeling like a pro, both surf schools provide a selection of surfboard rentals.

By Kayak

Kayaking around the town or Polpis Harbor is a beautiful way to see Nantucket from a different perspective. The calm waters are relaxing and you will experience the natural marine life as you make your way around.


If you’re wanting to get out on a board but not looking to surf, stand up paddle boarding is great for the harbor or any of the beaches.

By Kiteboard

Nantucket is home to a talented community of kiteboarding enthusiasts. You will likely have seen the colorful sails bopping along the south shore or in the harbor. Ready to give it a try? Check out the following for information on lessons and more!