Nantucket Hunting Season

Nantucket Hunting Season


Nantucket in the fall means quieter streets, beautiful foliage, scalloping, and the start of hunting season. When you're hitting the trails this autumn to explore our miles of conservation land, below are a few helpful tips and facts to keep yourself, your furry friends, and our faraway island safe:

1. Regulations: The 2023 Massachusetts deer hunting seasons are as follows:

  • Archery, October 2 – November 25

  • Shotgun, November 27 – December 9

  • Primitive firearms, December 11 – 30

Click here for designated hunting seasons for other game species. By law, hunting is only permitted between 1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset. Hunting is prohibited on Sundays. 2. Non-hunters safety: If you're out enjoying Nantucket's miles of trails, fields, and forests, it's important to keep you (and your furry friends) safe and alert. Know the timing of when hunters are out and keep your dogs leashed and out of the brush. It's also a great idea to dress your pup in bright orange - check out Geronimo's and Pawsitivity for dog gear.

3. Licensing: Be aware that all hunters require a hunting license to hunt deer on Nantucket. Necessary licenses and permits are typically available through the state's wildlife or natural resources agency.

4. Land Ownership: Nantucket is a mix of public and private land, and permission from landowners may be required. For information regarding hunting on properties owned by the Nantucket Islands Land Bank Commission (a public agency) visit their office at 22 Broad Street or call 508-228-7240.

5. Weaponry: Different states and locations may have restrictions on the type of weapons used for deer hunting. Be alert for firearms or archery equipment being used in accordance with the regulations.

6. Safety: Safety should be a top priority. Follow all firearm safety rules and wear the appropriate safety gear, such as blaze orange clothing during hunting seasons. The deer check station is traditionally open during shotgun season at the Nantucket Waste Water Management Facility at the end of South Shore Road (phone 508-325-5333). Hours are limited during archery and primitive firearm seasons; call ahead for further details.