The Best of Breakfast

The Best of Breakfast


We get it. Vacation means no early alarm clock, no rushing to get out the door, and more time reason to get out and try the local cuisine (and yes, breakfast still counts as cuisine!). From farm-fresh eggs to homemade bread and locally farmed vegetables, the Island of Nantucket is a one-stop shop to start the day. Great Point Properties is one of the largest real estate offices on Island, so when we surveyed the team, boy did they answer! It’s safe to say we have a team of breakfast lovers, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite Nantucket breakfast sandwiches!

Claudette’s is one of our most-loved sandwich destinations, and our team loves their bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant! Pro tip: after you receive your food, walk over to our Sconset office at 6 Main Street and say hi!

45 Surfside is a GPP favorite when you want to grab a sammy and head to the beach! Our go-to’s are the breakfast burrito (add extra potato) and the bagel with lox. Afterwards, head to Surfside Beach and enjoy!

Born & Bread, located in Town, is a GPP favorite before we head into the office for the day! The best part? After you enjoy your build-your-own breakfast sandwich, do yourself a favor and grab a pastry. We recommend the “cruffin” AKA a croissant muffin. Need we say more? After all, you’re on vacation.

Last but not least is Bartlett Farm! Enjoy the freshest sandwich sourced with vegetables grown on their own farm. Afterward, browse the market and pick up everything you need for the day. The makings of a great beach picnic await!