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Hummock Pond

Hummock Pond, Nantucket Island

Perfect for kayaking, canoeing, or birdwatching, Hummock Pond offers vast acres of conservation land that border much of its shoreline. Migrating birds arrive with the seasons, as do the tranquil and ever-changing hues of the surrounding flora and fauna. As Cisco’s peaceful neighbor, you can take in the sights and sounds of nature anywhere you are.

More than a mile long, but largely a narrow pond running northeast-southwest, Hummock Pond, which includes Head of Hummock Pond connected to it by a ditch, is an outwash pond extending from the middle of the western portion of Nantucket down to the ocean with a barrier beach in front of it. Hummock Pond and its head are classified as coastal salt ponds.


Walk the many Nantucket Conservation Foundation trails, including the loop to Nanahumas Neck

Catch a fish in Hummock Pond

Bike to Cisco Beach or Sanford Farm

Hummock Pond

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