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Explore Pocomo!

On a high rise of land looking back across the harbor towards Town sits Pocomo (paw-Kuh-mo), an inviting retreat nestled between Polpis and Wauwinet. Located at the northeastern point of Nantucket, aptly named by the Wampanoags as “a round fishing place,” Pocomo faces the shellfish-friendly waters of the upper harbor on two sides. It is part of the inner bay, protected by Great Point and Coatue. A perfect place to avoid large crowds and explore one of the island’s hidden gems, Pocomo is a serene and laid-back location to call home, even just for the week!

Pocomo Attractions

Pocomo is known for its oysters, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. On a windy summer day, head out to the beach to watch kiteboarders and windsurfers take to the water. As such a unique sport, kiteboarding and windsurfing can be very entertaining to watch. If you want to give it a try, we recommend our friends at Next Level Water Sports, who specialize in kiteboarding, tubing, and e-foiling. Kitetucket is another watersports school that offers lessons for all ages, from children to adults.

Throughout the Summer, the Land Council partners with Nantucket by Water (formerly Shearwater Excursions) to provide a trip to the Head of Harbor to visit Simon Edwardes’ Oster Farm, Fifth Bend Oyster Farm. This is a great opportunity to explore Pocomo from a different perspective and to learn about oysters, their role in our harbor's ecology, oyster farming, and maybe even why Nantucket oysters are so beloved. These oysters are raised and eventually sold to local restaurants such as Cru, providing farm-to-table meals for our island throughout the in-season months!

If you are up for an exciting activity, rent or borrow a paddle board or kayak for the day, drive out to Pocomo, and paddle west to explore the Creeks, a beautiful and elegant stretch of shallow water paths! While this is a fun activity, make sure you are comfortable and experienced with this type of exercise before heading out, bring a buddy with you, and always be sure to wear a life jacket!

Pocomo Beaches

The beaches in this area of the island offer calm waters, sandbars, and smaller crowds, perfect for families and children. At Pocomo Beach, there are no lifeguards or facilities and limited parking, but the warm, shallow waters allow for relaxing beach days full of exploring and wading in the ocean. This coastline is found at the end of Pocomo Road, on a dirt road made up of large, upscale, and private homes.

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Distance to Town: 7-8 miles

Distance to the Beach: 0-2 miles